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Employees have direct access to our senior leadership and are encouraged to present their ideas and contribute to the conversation.

Working Here

ARA’s structure provides opportunities for professional development that some larger firms can’t offer. Every role is positioned to make a positive impact for our clients and the firm. Our success is driven by the following practices and principles inherent in our Core Values.

Our office space at City National Plaza offers our clients and colleagues:

  • A dynamic working environment that features ergonomic seating, standing desks, natural light, and a wellness room that helps to maintain productivity and engagement.
  • A convenient location near public transit and downtown Los Angeles’ vibrant culture and entertainment centers.
  • Expanded conference and meeting rooms as well as the Commons, an open dining and workspace that allows for greater ease of collaboration.
  • All elements have been designed for firm growth, with specific considerations for an optimal working environment and the ability of the firm’s professionals to have a productive and efficient place to continue their work on behalf of our clients.

ARA Employee Events

  • Summer Event

  • Holiday Event

  • Networking Opportunities

  • College Outreach

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