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At ARA, you become part of a team that has a vision for the future, driven by our strong values and purpose.

Our Philosophy

For over 30 years, ARA has been an independent and privately-owned real estate investment manager focused solely on the needs of our clients. Our purpose, vision, and values set the standard for how we conduct business and our people are essential to achieving success.


ARA’s purpose is to assist our clients in meeting their long-term investment objectives by seeking to provide high-quality service and exceptional results in a risk controlled environment.


ARA’s vision is focused on sustainable growth and continuing to be a leader in the industry. We strive to deliver top-tier resources to our clients in pursuit of outstanding performance and measurable success. To that end, we create an environment where our people can advance shared goals and be recognized for their contributions, expertise, and dedication.

Core Values:

ARA is built on a standard of excellence that defines everything we do. Our five core values guide all decision making, define our commitment to our clients, direct our firm's character and culture, and ensure what we stand for.

  • Integrity

    First and foremost, we conduct all aspects of our business in an honest and ethical manner with the highest level of integrity. Trust is the foundation of all our relationships.

  • Transparency

    Everything we do as a firm and an investment manager working on behalf of our clients is executed openly and disclosed clearly and completely in our relationships with our employees and our clients. We are proud of the work we do and want to share this with our clients and the real estate community.

  • Fiduciary Standards

    ARA is the steward of the capital of others, which they have entrusted to us, in order to help ensure the future of their participants and their beneficiaries. It is our mandate to execute this responsibility with the highest level of fiduciary care.

  • Collaboration

    We seek always to engage our clients, their advisors, our partners, service providers, and our employees to contribute to the successful execution of our mission to provide high quality real estate investment management services. Our employees and our partnerships are our greatest resource.

  • Corporate and Community Responsibility

    ARA’s integration of corporate responsibility practices reflects our culture, our values, and the manner in which we manage our business. Our dedication to corporate social responsibility at all levels helps contribute to a successful and sustainable future for our firm, our employees, our clients, and the communities in which we work and live.

Join Us

ARA seeks driven and passionate professionals who thrive in a team-oriented hands-on environment. We encourage our people to create initiatives that ultimately lead to better solutions to complex problems. Superior thought leadership, effective communication and critical thinking help establish ARA’s reputation for exceptional performance. We work with people who are committed to providing individualized service and quality investment management. Our vision, purpose, and values In this way, each individual can contribute while striving to be the very best in their field.

We consider candidates from a variety of sources and evaluate them based on their experience and education as well as career trajectory, interests, and demonstrated skills. Often the best candidate may be found through employee referrals. If you know someone at ARA, we encourage you to reach out to them to learn more about us.

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ARA believes in the power of diverse perspectives and backgrounds and we embrace a dynamic mix of ideas and talents that create an inclusive work environment. We are dedicated to creating opportunities in institutional real estate investment management for all individuals who seek to advance their career, promoting a multicultural workforce where differences are valued, celebrated, and embraced.

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