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ARA believes every real estate asset to be a unique operating business that must be actively managed to achieve the portfolio’s investment objectives by seeking to maximize returns while controlling risk.

Active asset management is a crucial part of the services that we add. We believe a key to protecting a client’s investment is anticipating market changes through on-the-ground resources and direct oversight of each asset, working closely with tenants, on-site professionals, and other members of the investment team.

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Asset Management Expertise

ARA’s asset management expertise encompasses all aspects of active asset management including leasing, property management oversight, capital improvement management, and tenant retention and outreach, all designed to maximize the performance potential of each asset throughout its holding period and to execute a flexible and effective disposition strategy.

Asset Management professionals are involved in the development, implementation, and monitoring of investment strategy including post-transaction operations, on-site property managers, leasing activity, capital budget programs, and all operations including renovation, maintenance, and rehabilitation and on-going management.  We also have a strong commitment to communication and service to enhance our tenants experience with ARA.

Specialized "Hands-On" Approach 

Our “hands-on” approach is a significant factor in creating and maintaining a stable income stream and controlling expenses at each property.  We believe this process has saved significant expense by proactively solving physical and operational issues and through preventative maintenance plans to address issues before they impact returns.

Our senior professionals are directly involved in the development and implementation of asset management strategies. While we hire quality third-party property managers in each market, all strategic, capital expenditure, and operational plans are developed and executed by ARA’s asset management teams, allowing for more effective control and successful strategy implementation.

Detailed Disposition Process

ARA’s disposition process contemplates that every property in a portfolio is a potential disposition candidate under the appropriate circumstances.  Regular analysis of strategic and tactical factors both at the asset level and the portfolio level determines when positive results can be achieved by selling an asset.  ARA’s detailed disposition execution seeks to achieve maximum potential value for each portfolio. 

The results described herein are not guaranteed as there are many factors such as changes in market conditions, interest rates, and responses to other economic, political, or financial developments that may impact the results of ARA’s investment activities.

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