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Our primary goal is to provide superior risk-adjusted real estate returns and capital preservation through a broad spectrum of real estate investment strategies designed to meet each investor’s needs.

At ARA, we offer:

  • Core strategies for income and capital preservation
  • Core-Plus strategies to enhance returns
  • Value-Added strategies to create value and control risk
  • Debt strategies for current income and downside protection

  • Customized separate accounts

Our strategies are implemented through commingled core and value add funds, which provide liquidity in addition to income and appreciation, and separate accounts. Further expanding our product offerings, our separately managed accounts can be tailored to an investor's specific investment, duration, and liquidity needs and goals.

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ARA Core Strategy 

Our income-oriented core strategy focuses on institutional quality assets with an emphasis on long-term stabilized cash flow and market appreciation potential.  We create portfolios with a broad exposure to property types and geography and that recognize economic diversity and the unique drivers of demand in each sector and market.

ARA’s expertise targets stabilized assets that are substantially leased to high-quality tenants with long-term in-place leases and limited rollover exposure located in major markets with a strong institutional presence.

Property types include 24-hour CBD office, industrial, neighborhood/community retail, and multi-family that are characterized by low to moderate risk and high current cash flow.

This approach limits the need for capital expenditures as assets are well maintained with little or no functional obsolescence; allowing these high-quality stabilized institutional assets to perform over the long-term.

ARA Core-Plus Strategy

With an emphasis on combining stabilized income and value-creation, we identify lower-risk value opportunities in core-like assets that “need something done” quickly and with minimal expenditures in order for them to perform to their full potential as a core asset.  Core-plus investments are identified and the value-creation opportunity is realized through diligent active management. The fully stabilized core asset is then held for income and appreciation.

ARA Value-Add Strategy 

ARA value-add expertise targets assets in key locations with strong potential that need active management to realize their full potential. We create value in well-located assets that can benefit from our decades of hands-on experience in acquisitions and asset management at all stages of the market cycle.  Strategies include rehabilitating undermanaged and capital constrained assets, lease-up opportunities, renovation and repositioning, and ground-up development to create stabilized assets that can be sold to longer-term investors.

ARA Debt Strategy

Our real estate debt strategy offers senior and subordinate financing on new construction and transitory assets through direct origination of structured first mortgage loans, mezzanine debt/preferred equity, and other hybrid debt investments. We work with sponsors and developers who are well-capitalized and who have extensive experience in the development and construction of multi-family, office, retail, and industrial projects located in major U.S. markets with strong demographic and employment trends.

ARA’s structured finance products offer borrowers and sponsors flexible financial solutions that provide strong protections to investor capital.

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