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Market Commentary, August 08, 2023

In Conversation: Housing Affordability

ARA CEO Stanley Iezman and Head of Research Sabrina Unger discuss the affordability of housing in the United States and how investors can help alleviate the problem.

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Market Commentary, June 15, 2022

In Conversation: Industrial Real Estate

ARA CEO Stanley Iezman and Head of Research Sabrina Unger discuss the drivers of the industrial sector’s recent run-up and what may lie ahead for this top-performing sector.

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Market Commentary, April 08, 2019

Got Yield? Real Estate Does

In a 180-degree shift, the Federal Reserve went from raising rates in December, with the possibility of more in 2019, to extolling the virtues of patience. Conversely, private commercial real estate continued to offer attractive income.

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Market Commentary, July 26, 2017

Suburban Markets: Hidden Gems or Fool’s Gold?

Today, the industry is trumpeting the merits of suburban assets. What caused this dramatic reversal in how suburban markets are viewed and is the current view valid? Are these markets hidden gems or fool’s gold?

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