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Portfolio Management is at the center of our investment process – combining research, investments, asset management, and strategic insight to build portfolios that can achieve each client's investment objectives.

Our portfolio construction integrates top-down market analysis with bottom-up property level expertise to create portfolios across the investment spectrum. Our portfolios converge investor objectives with market opportunities by integrating all resources of the firm to execute core, core-plus, and value-added strategies.

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ARA’s portfolio construction process is research-driven and focuses on the balance between return potential and risk control. Through long-term strategic planning and the implementation of short-term tactical planning, ARA identifies target markets and submarkets for investment and evaluates how potential investments in these markets would complement the existing portfolio and contribute to overall return objectives. 

Strategic and tactical plans are analyzed quarterly based on changes in macro-economic and capital market trends and bottom-up market and submarket economic, demographic, and supply/demand shifts. 

Our disposition process contemplates that every property is a potential disposition candidate under the appropriate circumstances, and changes may occur in the portfolio when positive value can be achieved. 

ARA’s portfolio management is team-oriented, integrating the bottom-up expertise across the firm’s disciplines with a top-down strategic and tactical implementation focused on results. In this way, each client is assured that the full resources available are being brought to the process with the end goal of achieving results consistent with the return and risk guidelines inherent in each portfolio.

The results described herein are not guaranteed as there are many factors such as changes in market conditions, interest rates, and responses to other economic, political, or financial developments that may impact the results of ARA’s investment activities.

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