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Press Release, April 19, 2017

American Realty Advisors Announces Headquarters Relocation to Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA (April 19, 2017) – American Realty Advisors (“ARA”), an institutional capital management firm with more than $8 billion in assets under management, announced today that it will be moving its corporate headquarters from the current location in Glendale, CA to downtown Los Angeles.  In advance of the move, ARA has also completed a major rebranding, which is part of an overall firm-wide initiative to unify the brand and support the growth of the firm.

ARA’s move downtown to its new headquarters on the 49th floor of 515 S. Flower Street in the City National Plaza will take place in June 2017. Reflecting the growth, expansion, and strength of the firm, the new headquarters will afford ARA’s investors, business partners, and professionals access to a location in the heart of one of the nation’s largest financial centers.

“Our move to DTLA will contribute to three important factors of the firm’s growth, a focus on sustainability, finding and retaining great talent, and being in the financial center of Los Angeles, where global capital decisions are made,” says Stanley Iezman, Chairman and CEO of ARA.  “As sustainable business practices are key to our philosophy, DTLA’s connection to the broader transit network throughout Los Angeles allows our employees to commute to the office through a variety of public transportation options.”

The new office will provide open workspaces for team collaboration, state-of-the-art IT systems, and expanded conference and meeting rooms. All elements have been designed for firm growth, with specific considerations for an optimal working environment and the ability of the firm’s professionals to have a productive and efficient place to continue their work on behalf of ARA’s investors and clients.

In support of the growth initiative, ARA has launched a rebranding initiative that includes a new logo, imagery, and marketing collateral that will enhance the firm’s communication tools. The firm descriptor has also been modified to “Institutional Capital Management” in order to best communicate the firm’s sole focus on prudent and effective investment management for a broad range of domestic and international institutional clients.  

These strategic changes have led to the implementation of ARA’s new web address,, which uses a shortened form of American Realty Advisors, and retains the strong identity that investors have trusted over the firm’s 28-year history. A new expanded website is due to be launched in May 2017.

Jay Butterfield, Managing Director at ARA notes, “ARA’s new brand reflects our growth, as well as our values, and signifies the evolution of our firm as an internationally recognized investment manager. All brand elements will be easily identifiable and emblematic of the stability, integrity, and financial prudence that we provide to our investors. We look forward to the complete integration of the brand, as our image presents a unified message to our industry and communicates the innovation, inclusion, and long-term value-add approach by which we operate our business.” 

The brand changes will be implemented throughout the remainder of 2017, and will include updates on all marketing collateral and signage firm-wide.

The move to ARA’s new headquarters will be effective June 19, 2017.

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