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Research Insights, March 10, 2021

Revisiting the Case for Core Real Estate in 2021

While investors were watching the ensuing volatility from the pandemic wreak havoc on equity and REIT markets in 2020, private core real estate continued along, registering a relatively benign one-quarter blip before returning to its steady positive total return trajectory. Yet very little attention has thus far been paid to this resiliency as a reason for re-evaluating the case for core.

Yet with bond yields lacking, finding alternative sources of resilient income is becoming an increasingly critical task for investors in order to satisfy distribution needs today. With the historical reasons for holding core real estate in a mixed-asset portfolio still as relevant as ever, investors who may be considering swapping some of their fixed-income bucket into higher-yielding alternatives or simply contemplating a shift in core managers may find that now is an opportune time to revisit the case for private core real estate.

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