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Our investment process combines research and market analysis, detailed and comprehensive due diligence, and proven market expertise to make attractive risk-adjusted investments.

We don't stop when an investment is identified. ARA’s intense due diligence dives deep into each investment to identify and underwrite all factors that can impact the investment’s ability to perform. We have nearly three decades of experience investing in markets nationwide and at all stages of the market cycle.

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Timely Research

ARA utilizes real-time information on market conditions, combining it with local market intelligence and macro real estate and capital market data to develop an accurate understanding of the trends that will impact the performance of assets that we acquire in our portfolios.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

ARA’s Investment Team sources, underwrites, screens, negotiates, and closes all investments consistent with our clients investment guidelines. With a local presence and a deep understanding of each market, our experienced investment professionals source opportunities nationwide through an extensive network of principals, partners, brokers, developers, lenders, industry contacts, and local market experts. This network of sources has been developed and refined over more than 28 years of active market participation at all stages of the investment cycle.

Effective Execution

ARA seeks to be a trusted partner: Our reputation allows us to attract potential deals and joint venture partners who prefer a reliable, active, and successful investment market participant.

Our intensive underwriting and due diligence process should reassure potential sellers/partners that expected transactions can be completed successfully and quickly, which could encourage them to seek out ARA for future transactions.

We have nurtured strong shared relationships over decades.  Even in cases where we are not the highest bidder, our reputation has contributed to successful execution.

ARA’s Investment Team works hard for our clients across a broad range of markets and investment strategies at all stages of the market cycle.

Structured Finance/Debt Opportunities 

ARA’s structured finance and real estate debt investment capabilities combine seasoned capital market experience with the same attention to detail as our equity process. Through the full array of debt structures – from senior debt to mezzanine financing and participating mortgages – ARA applies a due diligence process to originate and structure debt investment opportunities for the benefit to our clients.

ARA also has extensive experience designing and implementing economically-targeted investments that promote local development, community revitalization, and job creation.

The results described herein are not guaranteed as there are many factors such as changes in market conditions, interest rates, and responses to other economic, political, or financial developments that may impact the results of ARA’s investment activities.

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