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ARA offers specialized advisory services that only a firm with deep market experience and the detailed knowledge of real estate assets can provide. We deliver results for our clients that help them overcome obstacles to achieving their objectives.

Every real estate asset is unique, and presents different opportunities and challenges. ARA has the expertise to advise institutional investors facing difficult and complex decisions related to their real estate assets and portfolios. This covers a wide range of services including asset takeovers/workouts, development oversight, and serving as a QPAM or independent fiduciary.

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Takeover/Workout Asset Management

When investors experience portfolio underperformance, manager changes, or other factors that challenge the ability to achieve their investment goals, ARA has the expertise to assist with this potentially difficult transition. We have been engaged on many occasions to take over portfolios to improve performance, ranging from stabilized institutional-quality properties to troubled high-risk investments with a variety of legal and operational problems. ARA’s process quickly establishes control of a portfolio’s assets, identifies key components that need to be addressed, and makes the transition as seamless to the client as possible.

Development and Advisory Services 

ARA has extensive experience in providing analysis and advice to clients that need assistance in making sound investment decisions regarding developments or other specialized investment transactions. We provide feasibility analysis, site selection, entitlement, design management, and development oversight and implementation from initial planning throughout the process to completion.

Qualified Professional Asset Manager (QPAM)/Independent Fiduciary Services

ARA has continually met the qualifications to serve as a Qualified Professional Asset Manager (QPAM) under ERISA.  We have decades of practical experience acting as a fiduciary and/or advisor to provide advice and implementation strategies in situations where clients may desire, or may be required by ERISA, to seek the advice of an independent third-party professional on decisions involving their real estate needs.

ARA delivers added value through focused analysis, advice and oversight, completing transactions with ease and exceeding our clients’ expectations through an efficient process for even the most specialized and complex investment decisions.

The results described herein are not guaranteed as there are many factors such as changes in market conditions, interest rates, and responses to other economic, political, or financial developments that may impact the results of ARA’s investment activities.

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